World of Warships – Things that could improve (Carriers)

Carriers were the most powerful warships of WW2… in WOWS… they are the most nerfed… There is a reason there are rarely any cv’s in the game..They are broken..!

6 planes gets disturbed by a single CA/BB fighter plane… that is too much! The cruisers already have defensive AA… no need to nerf carriers even more! Remove fighters launched from cruisers, they have enough with a spotter.

Destroyers with defensive AA makes them invulnerable to Carriers bomb and torpedo attacks. That is super carrier nerf…

Strafing is bugged. Sometimes planes go in a zig zag pattern in a direction I did NOT ask them to go… they hit nothing and suddenly teleport..

Torpedo bombers default to return along the path they dropped the torpedoes, then after doing that for a few seconds they fly home. If they drop torpedoes southish, they return northish for a few seconds and THEN they go west home to the carrier if the carrier is west. That is silly and usually causes planes to die.

Teleporting Fighters fighting each other. I dont know how often 1-2 of my fighters has been fighting 1 squad with 6 planes, I send in my 2nd squad to strafe both my own and his planes. However, opponent finishes my planes, his planes then teleport 1-2 km’s away from the fight position. If strafe orders are already given, the strafe will miss as the enemy planes teleported out of the strafe area. Guess what the opponent does… he takes advantage and strafes my planes when they finally stop strafing.

-SHIFT PROBLEM. Sometimes the game thinks i keep shift pressed, when I try to bomb something, it just sets a waypoint. No matter what I do, I cannot get my planes to do what I want… Game over… task-manager, kill world of warships and await the iiiiiiinnnnnnsaaaaane loading times!!

-CPU usage?!? Is WoWS doing heavy calculations in the background? Collaboration with SETI@HOME or Human genome project?!?  I have never seen a game use so much CPU just by sitting still in the harbor/menu… Tom Clancy’s the division uses HALF the amount of CPU when i run around in town with FULL GRAPHICS… WoWs is using 3 cores 100% of the time out of 6. If I set afinity to only use two cores, the game will lag like a maniac. What IS the game doing in the background?

-USN Plane setups. American carriers have shitty plane setups. (Tier 8 example provided)

Give CV pilots the option to configure their carrier. 4 open slots, max 1 torpedo, rest of the 3 slots players own choice on US carriers. With IJN carriers: Limit to max two squads of torps, rest players choice.

-Matchmaking… I am tired of sinking myself with my T8 CV getting into T10 battles.. It is unbalanced! Fix it! Everyone hates it!

-CV credit income  Obvious, fix it!

-More airborne squads simultaneously CV’s are handicapped as they can only launch some of their planes. The equivalent BB/CA/DD nerf would be to disable 2/3’s of all guns and torpedo tubes until they have been destroyed.. that is silly and does not reflect reality at all. A CV in WW2 would launch 90% of its compliment, not 1/3 or 1/4th and let the rest sit and await the already launched planes destruction.

World of Warships – Ranger Guide

Well, the ranger is the first CV that gets 0-1-3 and 2-0-2

It is i’ll adviced to use 0-1-3 until you have manual firecontrol, basic fireing training and finally advanced firing training.

It may be tempting to take air superiority, but you will regret that if your fighters happens to be someplace else. Any decent CV player will fuck you up in that case.

The ranger simply cannot stand alone till you get those two skills with pure strike setup. The same goes for the lexington.

Currently I have a measly 7 point captain on my ranger and I get sunk constantly unless I bring 2-0-2 which then against leaves little room to make any money.

When you hit 18p on the capt. get air superiority and you can do alot on your own without having a cleveland babysitting you.

So to sum it up:

Strike: Full AA upgrades + captain skills = a ranger that can dish it out and defend against enemy planes.

Fighter/bomber: Full AA upgrades + captain skills = A ranger that can control the enemy and do a decent amout of damage against DD’s unless they have Def. AA upgrades… then you might aswell just go sink yourself. Wargaming screwed you over by giving advanved AA to ships without balancing the CV’s aswell.

World of Warships Lexington

You call AngryAdm a n00b CV Pilot?
-I call you uneducated…

The list states: AngryAdm is one of the “Top Players” in the Lexington in Ranked Battles…
Granted, I suck, and I am a n00b in almost every other ship… Well, guess what, I don’t like other ships and rarely play them, and when I do.. it is to learn and become

….So you can also stick your “YOUR RATING IS WORSE THAN MINE…” where the sun don’t shine…

And yes I sink myself in protest of bullshit matchmaking when I get into tier X games with a Tier 8 CV. Quite frankly it is too expensive to suicide planes on rowboats with AA guns. (Destroyers) Alternatively, I just have my planes hover around waiting for one such rowboats to come my way to minimize financial losses. This bullshit has gone on for more than half a year now… quite frankly, im tired of it!

-A non-premium earns around 10-30k in a random battle that is won with 100k dmg and 3-4 downed ships. I cannot afford that.

This is 100k as an example: (yes, the situation for CV’s is THAT bad..)moneyloss

-I do not use fighters for the exact same reason. Too expensive… no money earned from not sinking ships.

If you are not a CV pilot you might not be aware of that..

De første kartofler

Tja, tiden er inde, en kartoffelplante skulle inspiceres. Ingen tid at spilde. Spaden bliver fundet frem og der laves det første dybe spadestik. Jorden er lidt fugtig, men, denne fine og sprit nye 50 kr’s spade fra Harald skal nok nu nok klare det….. tror jeg.

Knæk siger det og jeg står nu med en 4 cm lang spade. Knækket lige der hvor skaftet ikke længere er markant synligt. Pis siger jeg, og fortæller mig nabo i spøj: “De er sgu nok ik klare endnu. Det var en skjult besked fra spaden.” “Ja, jeg henter lige greben.” Som sagt så gjort, fluks får vi kartoffelplanten op af jorden.

Stor skuffelse, kartoffler på størrelse med 4 ærter. Det på trods af en 2 meter høj busk oven på….

Det viser bare, at nogle gange kan en spade også have ret.

En anden plante blev kigget nærmere på. Denne gang dog med en anden metode. Der blev gravet et stykke fra planten og så ellers udgravet under den. Så kan man lige stikke en hånd ned i huldet og rage planten på kartoflerne uden at rive den op af jorden. Der var bingo, halvdelen af kartoflerne blev plukket, resten hænger der endnu 😉

PS: De smager satme godt med en pakke smør og nogle løgplantestængler 🙂

Asian symbols in 3rd eye again :/

Well isn’t that just peachy? A year and a few months have passed since I last saw what I suspect to be chinese characters, appear behind closed eyes.

Now they have restarted and I have no idea what they mean or why they restarted today. Their presence is not as anoying as not knowing what it means….

Amazing, surprising mystical weekend! Beating the shit out of a guy in an anonymous mask.

Over the last week, things have unfolded that have not been so evident. Meaning, a lesser amount of events have occoured.

The first coin on command.
Going shopping with a friend of mine, we wait for return change after paying groceries. My friend and I talked alot about the massive amount of anniversary coins we were receiving in early 2015 as change on purchases. I told my friend in fun while waiting for 3 coins to pop out of the machine. “Ill wipe my hand over the machine say “special” and an anniversay coin will pop up… wanna bet?”

I wipe my hand, whisper “special” and out comes one of the Polar Year 2007 special edition 10 DKK.

We looked at each other saying nothing.
“Those who know, do not speak, those who speak do not know.” -Zen Proverb

Paying for another mans amusement park ticket yields free money 5 hours later.
René was outside the park, unable to pay his ticket with mobilepay. Something malfunctioned. I gave him the 30 DKK he required so he could get in.

Aproximately 5 hours later I hang around in Heidi’s beer bar. Having just gotten a fresh beer I was enjoying my cigarette. It was 1 O’clock, within the hour a massive amount of people would enter and the party would start. So, a break before the “liquid drum theater” would commence. While sitting there, a dude comes up to me and drops 55 DKK on the table in front of me. He says: “These are for you.” and leaves again. I am alone at the table so he could only have meant me. I asked him why he did that, he replied: “They are yours.” I guess he was right, he did not want them back. They were not some coins I had  lost, I checked my pockets, all was still there.

Funny example of how what you do for others comes right back to you in the end.

He susbequently invited me on a drink. We went past a few bars until he was satisfied with the location. He chose Bob’s Bierbar. Having known the doorman for many years I greeted him, he was too busy for convo, but we managed a quick friendly hug.

We get the drinks and the guy, whos name is coincidentially also Michael, waved at someone to come take photo’s of us. When the person stood next to us I looked at her and found it to be a friend I thought had long skipped town after graduation. Surprised I wasth.

111, 222, 555, 666
The  number synchronicities have restarted. For a year they have been quiet, now they have restarted. It started with my solar system battery.

It is supposed to be charged to around 12,7Volts but I had some issues with it. It had discharged to a critical low of 8.8Volts. I hook up a charger to a generator and attach it to the battery. The charger will not start charging the battery untill it is 10,5Volts.

I look at the display: 8,8 Volts. The charger is blinking. Suddenly the display jumps to 11.1Volt and I think YES! it will start charging. But no, it jumps back to 8.8Volts. This is odd behaviour for a battery… It does not just jump 1,3 volts for 2-3 seconds unless it is being charged…

Buying random stuff in Fakta twice in a row amounted to 111 DKK next shopping trip: I paid with a 200DKK and got 111 DKK return. I had not calculated the sum total of my groceries as I usually don’t care what the price is if I want the items :p

Meeting an old friend, talking about the matrix
I met up with an old friend of mine, Lasse. We talk about the meaning of life, the cruelty and ignorance of people and so forth. He starts talking about the universe being like a matrix. Oddly enough, a few days ago that was the topic of my blog post 😀 I asked him if he read it, He was unaware of it’s existence. Another Synchronicity.

The weekend has been intersting. Actually the whole week has been somewhat different and more “charged with magic” so to say.

Singing and Drumming with team Syria and Anne.
Heidi’s beerbar, the only place in town to go out at the moment. All latino music playing clubs have been closed that is tremendously unsatisfying as that is my favorite going out music and also my favorite “drum-a-long-to” music. Added benefit, the dancers dancing to that kind of music usually know what they are doing and can coun’t to more than just 4 :p

Two  Syrian’s had found their way to my self-proclaimed “stage” which I call whatever I am currently beating the shit out of with various improvised drum-sticks.

The Syrians were quickly incorporated into the band.

At some point a guy with an anonymous mask is standing next to me. I quickly agree, that I would risk getting beat up by starting to hit the mask with improvised drumsticks “empty drink containers shaped like a reagent glass from physics.” along to the beat of the song. Much to my surprise, he seemed to enjoy it. He started rocking his head back and forth to the rythm of my beats. I apply some odd time signatures ontop of the existing base rythm from the music. Sometimes with very interesting results 🙂

After a while I couldn’t help laughing at the situation.: Guy in bar beats the shit out of a guy with an anonymous mask with reagent glasses while guy in mask seemingly enjoys it. It’s one of the wierdest pictures I can imagine right now… yet, thaẗ́’s the way we party 🙂 I talked to him subsequently and we laughed abit at the whole wierd situation. He stated that he enjoyed the clacking sounds it made on the mask. “Dack dack dadadadadack dack” as he described it 😀

While beating on the bar, a girl came and dropped of a note. I read it the morning after. It said: “You are fucking awesome at playing drums, have a nice evening, The lady in Red.”

Not bad payment for 6 hours of beating the bar for fun 😉


The universe, the mind, the matrix


“Do not make the mistake of supposing that the little world you see around you – the Earth, which is a mere grain of dust in the Universe – is the Universe itself. There are millions upon millions of such worlds, and greater. And there are millions of millions of such Universes in existence within the Infinite Mind of THE ALL”

Source: Three Initiates, Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

Let us for a moment consider thought. What is it, my friends, to take thought? Took you then thought today? What thoughts did you think today? What thoughts were part of the original thought today? In how many of your thoughts did the creation abide? Was love contained? And was service freely given? You are not part of a material universe. You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.
Source: The Law of One, The Ra Material by Ra, a humble messenger of the law of one.

Alternative facebook birthday greetings

Birthday greetings on Facebook are usually a dull and unpersonal “Happy Birtyday.” With an underlying “I don’t really give a shit” attitude.”

I like to notch it up a level and write the people something different. It ranges from poems to silly hostage situations such as this one:

Screenshot from 2016-07-04 09:44:30

Luckily for all three parties involved, Toms made the right decision 😀

The chocolate survives, Toms gets his chocolate and I get knowledge. Thats how you negotiate a win-win-win Solution!

Granted, sometimes creativity is just not there and something more simple and unpersonal will be written :p

Bought too many magnum icecream.. What to do?

Visiting the local store, I found them to have 3 magnum icecream popsickles for 12 DKK. Very cheap, they usually cost 12 DKK for one. I bought a pack of three and realized I could not eat three, so what to do with the remaining two? I have no freezer turned on at the moment 😀

I went back to the store, told the service rep to give these two ice to the next kids that pass by here. That was last week. This week I obtained a lawnmover for free and probably an unheard of cheap car.

Karma can be a bitch and if it is, toss a child some icecream apparantly and good things will come 🙂

When a super cheap used car deal appears right when you want it..

Well appart from needing a lawnmover, which was delivered to me two days ago. A deal for a used car popped up. 300 USD for a car that has two years until car inspection. When scrapping it in 2 years I will get 250 USD from the government 🙂 Essentially brining the purchase price for a car with 2 years lifetime down to roughly 50 USD over two years. That’s basicly free 🙂

Going to check it out tomorrow 🙂

Few weeks ago I needed batteries. Suddenly a friend came and told me I could have his 4 deep charge AGM batteries of 90AH each, 1 year old as he was getting new ones…

Those are like 140 USD a piece 😀

Thanks goes to my friend!