Pink Floyd – Chapter 24 translated.

I will here give you my analysis of what the pink floyd text means from the perspective of the law of one / spiritualism

A movement is accomplished in 6 stages.
(movement of kundalini is made possible by balancing 6 chakras)

The 7th brings return
the 7th chakra is the sum total of expression and needs no balancing,  It is the movement (reconnection to oneness/god/intelligent infinity/insert the distortion of choice) )

The 7 is the number of the young light
again.. the 7th chakra shines the sum total expression of the mind body spirit complex

It forms when darkness is increased by 1
(Facing the Jungian shadow, diving into your deep hidden mind to discover yourself, facing your fears, learn that you are a monster. and get to know yourself as sokrates adviced us all to do.) Jordan Peterson puts this well: “You cannot have respect for yourself until you know that you are a monster. Because you won’t act carefully enough.” -Jordan B. Peterson. Darkness could also be likened onto depression. When depressed, darkness is increased +1 symbolicly. Ra explains that progress is often sprung from crisis.

Going and coming without error
(inteligent infinity/energy comes and goes without error. The healer has no free will and channels this energy which then does the working sortof – Ra, the law of one. So essentially it is a description of what the energy does (appear/vanish)

Actions bring good fortune
(Polarization is done through actions and the good fortune is, the coming to the next level of denseness above our own. 4th positive or negative, depending on your choice, represented by the fool #22 In Tarot)

(I discarded this sentence initially, It seemed irrelevant, it could have to do with “sun gazing” which is performed at sunrise and sunset when the sun is weakest, photons hit the retina in areas they would not normally hit because we never look over the sun, only under it, the eyes are part of the brain organ. It is not a separte part. One could say the brain looks kinda like a snail with two stalks with yes on them :D)

The time is the winter month of soltice, when the change is due to come.
December is cold and dark in the north. Seasonal Affective disorder can enhance already present depression. This can lead to a “crash and burn” like state (lookup manic depression transition curve), which, if overcome yields a higher state than ever achieved. So it is said, at least if combined with the balancing of chakras as instructed in the first part of this highly peculiar song.

Thunder in the other course of heaven
(This one eludes me till this day, I know it somehow is important, but not specificly.)

Things cannot be destroyed once and for all.
(E=mc^2, The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. The Law of one states that you are essentially a being of infinity and you cannot be destroyed. You just forget everything before incarnating. Very anoying!


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