Dovetail games. Review of a gamedev.

I bought Train Sim World CSX heavy haul as it looked promising. It was early access and it had many bugs.

After a while DLC started coming out. However, the old bugs were not fixed.

The physics of the game is utterly broken. The reason for this, as stated by DTG is, that the FPS drops considerably with real world physics. DTG instead thought it was cool to let you accelerate a train to 100 mph and give it the ability to coast, even up hill under no power for 40 miles.

Now we have the original bugged out CSX heavy haul and 3-4 DLC’s priced at around 100 USD combined and 29 USD for CSX heavy haul. So, all in all 130 USD for bugged out software that probably will never be fixed.

Why do I assume that it will never be fixed? Well, it seems to be the way DTG deals with their customers. They don’t fix them, rather they milk the cow for each penny and then drop support. On steam this is very visible from the comments of other users.


My advice: Stay clear of ANY and ALL DTG games! They do not have a sense of responsibility towards their customers. Essentially that makes them a greedy distrustful company. Let us collectively force them to change their ways or shut them down. I know that is my mission now! So, the stocks shall drop like a rock!


Fuck banks!

I am sick of:
-Having to show my passport each time I have to create some account to trade my virtual currency. Why do I have to do that? I do not want to and It is a violation of my free will and it is complete waste of time.!
So why do I have to do that? …….CONTROL, someone wants to control and check everything I do as if I am some sort of criminal. If I go to the toilet I have to send ID to the bank….
Guess what, I will open a bitcoin bank that requires NO documents and I will shit on the banks..!
…but the government demands that you….
I will shit on that aswell while flashing my passport as they shit on my FREEDOM!! Not much they can do anyway 😀 😀 😀
….but dont you feel some kind of responsibility? You could enable criminals to….
—I dont give a shit what other people do, I am not in control of their brain. Why would I want to violate their will if I do not want mine violated?
I think you, as tax payer should start shitting on the government aswell and end this endless charade of greed! You are innocent until proven otherwise, why do you have to show documents to pre-prove your innocence?