Girl with “Warp drive” built in?

Sometime in February something really odd happened. Well, a shitstorm of really wierd things happened, and this is just one of them.

I was standing someplace and I turned my head right to see a person I knew exit a door like depicted in below illustration. Subsequently, immediately after she left out of view, I turned my head left only to see the person enter the room.

It takes me aprox. half a second to turn my head. But it takes more than that to move 10 meters and enter a door…

Initially I thought to myself, shit she is fast.. faster than light! Afterwards I started wondering what had happened. Noone can move that fast. What happened? Time dialation? Magic? Am I hallucinating? Am i turning Schizophrenic? HELP! I later found out, I was not going insane, I was not hallucinating, but something else had happened…

time dialation
Time had lost its linearity because it never had any…. I was seeing through the Illusion of space and time.


One thought on “Girl with “Warp drive” built in?

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